Edu works as Head of Technical Service coordinating all the work carried out in the technical service.


The tasks of the Edu are mainly divided into training the technicians internally and programming courses at the factory, assessing the necessary tools and parts (spare parts) to carry out the repairs, managing the waste generated with the repairs (electronics, plastics) , have control over quality standards, coordinate repairs with other Technical Services, manage the team so that everyone works online in the company but at the same time listen individually to each one’s own needs.

Before working at Leica, Edu was working as an fire prevention technician, preventing fires and preventing them from escalating; for this, he used the most effective fire safety systems depending on the space and enforce the regulations.

Outside of work, Edu is a sporty person who likes to travel. He loves mountain biking, hiking and getting lost in dream beaches all year round.

In short, Edu is a cheerful person, predisposed, his friends consider him “The friend”, because he is always available for them, both in good and bad moments.