How to choose the used station you need?

In our latest blog post we defined what is a total station and the different tasks that can be performed with them. Now we want to explain which factors should be considered when you want to buy a total station.

What do you need to know before buying a used total station?

Before making any decision, we recommend you to think about the aspects that may condition the purchase of one instrument or another:

  • Type of project or task: what are you going to use your used topographic instrument for? Are you clear about the precision you need? Do you know what type of software you need?

After, will you always perform the same tasks or do your projects vary? Could you predict the equipment’s useful life and know when it will be amortized?

  • Budget: How much money could you or your company invest in a reconditioned surveying instrument?
  • How is your work environment? Do you work alone or as a part of a team? Will you need to learn how to use the used total station? Do you have inhouse training resources or do you require our training services?
  • Will you need ongoing maintenance? Is it convenient to have a technical service as close as possible?


Now that you know the elements in your environment that can condition your next total station, we suggest focussing on technical features that will help you carry out your project/s:

The accuracy of a total station depends on various factors: angular precision, distance meter accuracy, but also reflectors and basic accessories such as levelling base and tripod’s stability. Sometimes the intrinsic accuracy of the total station is as important as the reliability that the full kit gives us as a whole.

Choose a brand that ensures security and reliability when obtaining data during the product’s useful life, both for total station’s accessories and components.

Confirm that the total station used will help you optimize your processes and increase your projects’ efficiency and productivity. Leica Geosystems’ used robotic total stations will allow you to work faster and accurately, we guarantee that only one person is needed to carry out the work.

Bear in mind choosing a brand that has a wide network of technical service centres, as well as authorised centres to secure the best performance after inspecting a surveying instrument. There are 292 Leica Geosystems technical services formed exclusively by Leica Geosystems trained technicians.

Finally, look for a total station that has long durability so you can pay back your the investment in the short or medium-term considering not only its economic value but also the time you saved.

At the Certified Pre-Owned Equipment, we help you find the used total station that best suits your needs. Our sales agents have extensive experience in the surveying market and will advise you.

In addition, if you need to learn or improve your total station’s skills we offer you a training service so you can get the most out of your instrument.