Last September marked the 5th anniversary of the Used Equipment Centre now the Certified Pre-Owned Equipment Centre. The UEC was established in 2.014 in Barcelona with the aim of giving a second life to Leica Geosystems surveying instruments. Initially, we started as a small company of 6 employees and after several years of hard work, we are 12, including sale dealers, operational, technical service, marketing and accounting.

During these 5 years, we have inspected 9.000 used surveying instruments and sold them in 110 countries approximately. We are environmentally conscious and we are contributing to a greener planet by recycling every scrapped material we produce, specifically 1.500kg.

Certified Pre-Owned Equipment GS15

Since 2019, along with our colleagues in Cambridge, we have become the Certified Pre-Owned Centre, offering a unified supplier within Leica Geosystems guaranteeing second-hand surveying equipment to our worldwide customers, by inspecting each of the instruments that arrive at our facilities.

We would like to thank our loyal customers whose help to grow the business has been key until today’s date. We appreciate the staff’s constant assistance as well as our Selling Units colleagues’ support, especially the Spanish SU in Barcelona.

We want to share with you some images from back 2014 and the event hosted at CPE Barcelona’s office to commemorate our anniversary and celebrate success and a new future ahead.