We are proud to share with you some positive experiences with our clients. Today, we introduce Albert Salvadó, a Leica Geosystems client for more than 10 years. He is an Agricultural Technical Engineer and he is been working in surveying for 36 years both as a sales advisor and surveyor. He is Managing Director of GP7 whose activity is related to engineering and the environment.

Albert has worked on several remarkable projects such as the 3rd landing track at Barcelona’s airport, high Speed train adequacy at Sants station (Barcelona’s main station), building projects with international companies like ACS, Dragados, ISOLUX or FADESA as well as Santa Isabel’s school in Barcelona and client projects.


How’s been your experience with CPE?

They are customer focused. I have been always properly advised to determine which is the best option for my projects.


Are you satisfied with your purchase?

Yes. After initial adjustments and a small adaptation time I can say that the equipment worked perfectly. Even though the instrument had its own limitations I was advised before my purchase.


If you compare with similar products…

I have been only working with Leica Geosystems surveying equipment for a long time now. Since my experience as a sales advisor and surveyor, I have used different brands to carry out my projects but none of them perform as Leica Geosystems surveying instruments and so does the technical service.


Why’d you decide to go for surveying used equipment instead of new?

From my point of view, surveying equipment to be used everyday outdoors must ensure reliability so I would usually go for new equipment. However, to carry out sudden projects buying new and costly equipment is not the best option. Considering CPE’s cost effective prices and Leica’s quality I strongly recommend buy second hand as you will not have to change to other brands. As far as the CPE exists I do not have to learn another brand’s systems and once the economic situation improves, I will go for new equipment.

I believe having a used equipment option allows customers keep on trusting Leica’s technology and will not feel the necessity of buying other brands due to its economic situation.



Does quality justify its price?

It is obvious that everybody would like to have a high qualified equipment for a cheap price. We all know that quality is not free and if you want a top technology brand you need to invest on it. I am aware of that and I assume the cost that is going to be compensate by the instrument’s performance. When you are working in a building project you need a reliable equipment that works under any condition.


We want to acknowledge Albert Salvadó his trust on CPE and his time to answer our questions. We love to help people like Salvador who help us to improve.