Leica Geosystems scanner lasers allow you to obtain the three-dimensional geometry of objects or locations quickly and safely, getting graphical and analytical data that allow you to document and collect measurements for all types of projects.

The results are clouds of precise points with the complete geometry of structures and objects. The conversion of these points into 3D or 2D models or the comparison with the original project is done with specific programs:

  • Leica HDS Cyclone for downloading, processing, recording and cleaning the clouds of points obtained. It also has additional modules such as Cyclone Model, which helps you modelling complete industrial plants.
  • Leica CloudWorxs CAD plug-in to process point clouds generated in Cyclone within CAD software platforms, such as AutoCAD or MicroStation.
  • Leica 3DReshaper for 3D modelling, control and inspection.

Datos obtenidos con Leica Cyclone

 Leica HDS Cyclone Software

Laser scanner for the preservation of architectural heritage

Another application of used HDS laser scanners is the preservation of historical heritage.

The absence of original documentation, as well as the possible erosion, is an obstacle to the conservation of emblematic architecture. Our used HDS lasers collect the necessary data in a non-invasive way that can be used for restoration or conservation projects.

For example, laser scanning could help to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral thanks to the precise 3D model that Professor Andrew Tallon made in 2010, from point clouds models.

The Leica ScanStation P20 ScanStation is designed to work on projects that require maximum speed, scanning up to 1 million points per second in environments from -20ºC to + 50ºC.

Leica P20

Working with a used Leica Scanstation P20 

Working with a used laser scanner for your projects is easy. If you do not have experience and you wish to improve your skills, we offer you a training service to learn the basics. We will show you how to achieve the best performance and how to get the best software results.

You can find the used Leica P20 ScanStation laser scanner in our HDS laser scanners catalogue. If you are looking for another type of laser or surveying instrument, you can contact us anytime.