Surveying accessories are a crucial and integral part of a perfect measurement solution.
All accessories developed by Leica Geosystems are truly optimized for your measurement equipment unable maximum performance Leica Geosystems supports you in ensuring that you're working with genuine original accessories.

Original accessories from Leica Geosystems come with unique security codes and guarantee that what you've bought is truly part of our genuine Leica Geosystems solution security level contains different security features for easy recognition single security features are original like:

  • Edgy assist local which is a trademark accessories logo which changes color while tilting.
  • Colored hologram.
  • QR code used to verify the originality.
  • Quickly unique security code.

Code validation can be done in two ways, the first possibility is to use any QR code application running on a smartphone, after scanning the QR code will be automatically guided to Leica Geosystems my world portal where you can validate that the accessory is an original Leica Geosystems Product.

Another way to check the authenticity of the product is to manually enter the unique security code un the Leica my world portal.

There's no substitute for an original Leica Geosystems accessory, if you want a pre-owned accessory you can click here.