1. Improve your surveying equipment’s performance

    Leica Geosystems surveying tools are designed to work under any weather conditions and still obtaining the bests results. However, you can still make your equipment last longer by doing some routine actions.

    What damages your equipment?

    Even though outdoor projects are riskier than indoors we can keep away hazards that can compromise your instrument in both situations:

    • While you are transporting your equipment use the official carry box provided. External damages such as scratches or hits can be avoided.
    • Anchor: before starting your measuring tasks, check the instrument’s clamp to its tribrach and tripod.
    • After using your equipment for a while components may worn out, if you want to know weather your equipment is performing correctly we suggest you take it for a maintenance check-up yearly to Leica’s technical service or to any authorised official dealer.

    As we mentioned before, surveying equipment tha

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  2. Meet our clients: Albert Salvadó

    We are proud to share with you some positive experiences with our clients. Today, we introduce Albert Salvadó, a Leica Geosystems client for more than 10 years. He is an Agricultural Technical Engineer and he is been working in surveying for 36 years both as a sales advisor and surveyor. He is Managing Director of GP7 whose activity is related to engineering and the environment.

    Albert has worked on several remarkable projects such as the 3rd landing track at Barcelona’s airport, high Speed train adequacy at Sants station (Barcelona’s main station), building projects with international companies like ACS, Dragados, ISOLUX or FADESA as well as Santa Isabel’s school in Barcelona and client projects.


    How’s been your experience with CPE?

    They are customer focused. I have been alw

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  3. How do we recondition your surveying equipment?

    At CPE we have a technical service specialised in repairing, cleaning and update surveying equipment. Discover their daily tasks and find how they work in order to make your acquired instrument look like new.

    CPE’s laboratory has software tools that help them to diagnose and find quicker which components are overused and need to be replaced. In addition, the tool will reveal how many hours has the equipment been working and how is the effect on the engine. If the equipment has been checked by any Leica Geosystems laboratory or official Leica dealer, the CPE is able to know previous reparations.


    Components and Inspection

    Once we have all the information, the instrument is open, today we are reconditioning a Leica MS50 Total Station and they analise their status and functionality of remarkable components such as the engine, shafts, cameras (ATR, OAC, y OVC) and distanciómetro.

    A technical test is carried ou

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