1. Meet our Team - Martí Esquivias



    Martí is in charge of operations at CPEC Leica Geosystems.
    He is responsible for checking that the supply chain is not interrupted and that everything works correctly. His function is to carry out quality checks, audits and review points of continuous improvement within the organization.

    He joined the company in 2016 as warehouse manager and as of 2017 he already started as operations and quality manager.

    Martí graduated in psychology specializing in business and then studied a master's degree in human resources management. Once he finished his master's degree, he has never stopped training in foreign trade and logistics and SAP.

    What he likes most about his functions is the management and optimization of processes to improve the business, help the team to develop and identify needs for improvement.

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  3. Meet our Team - Àlvar Julian

    Àlvar Julian is a technical specialist at the CPEC SAT and is responsible for the repair and revision of total stations, GPS, among other topographic equipments.

    He is in charge of leaving the equipment like new to give it a second life. He reconditions the equipment and makes sure that everything works correctly so that another client can use it as if it were a new equipment.

    Àlvar began his career at Leica in 2014, he was with the CPEC from the beginning , the SAT has a fundamental importance since all the teams that leave have to be previously supervised by their technicians.

    What he likes best about his position is fixing the GPS and Controllers.

    From a very young age he has experienced topography up close. His father ran a Technical Service business specializing in topographic equipment.

    During his free time, Àlvar prepares to compete in

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  4. Meet our Team - Aleix Fernández

    Aleix is part of the CPEC operations team. He is the person in charge of entering all the orders to the SAP system, he is responsible for all the equipment that leaves the warehouse with the correct documentation. On the other hand, he is also in charge of giving support to the warehouse team.

    Before joining Leica Geosystems, Aleix studied Sports Science for a degree. His first position at the company was in the warehouse, then he spent time in technical service management finally in Operations.

    Aleix is a bassist in Alison Darwin, a rock music group with which he tours different venues in Spain. If you want to listen to his musical repertoire, you can do it at this link: Alison Darwin Music

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  5. Meet our Team - Mohamed Hannoun

    Mohamed's position in CPEC is very important. He is the sales engineer concerned with selling used surveying equipment in markets where French or Arabic are the official languages. All the equipment that our clients receive has been previously reviewed and configured by him.

    After studying a university degree in Topographic Technical Engineering and Geomatics, he had the opportunity to work as a topographical technician in companies in the sector. He started at Leica in 2015 and his mission at the beginning was to open markets in Africa and the Middle East, now he is the sales manager of these markets.

    Mohamed in his free time likes to read books whether they are related to topography or novels. He is a person who always likes to acquire new knowledge. He enjoys small pleasures such as listening to music or spending time with his loved ones.

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  6. Meet our Team - Serena Evangelista

    Serena has been the administrator of the CPEC technical service since 2019. She is responsible for managing technical service priorities and ensuring that everything is working properly. Thanks to it, our clients' equipment arrives perfectly revised and ready to use.

    Before joining Leica Geosystems, she went through different industries such as hostelry. Along with her position at Leica, she is studying a distance university degree in psychology.

    On a more personal note, Serena is a lover of nature and adventure, whenever she can try to escape to the forest to recharge her batteries either around Barcelona or traveling outside the country. She lately she also has an interest in boxing and climbing.

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  7. Identifying a genuine original Leica Geosystems accessory

    Surveying accessories are a crucial and integral part of a perfect measurement solution.
    All accessories developed by Leica Geosystems are truly optimized for your measurement equipment unable maximum performance Leica Geosystems supports you in ensuring that you're working with genuine original accessories.

    Original accessories from Leica Geosystems come with unique security codes and guarantee that what you've bought is truly part of our genuine Leica Geosystems solution security level contains different security features for easy recognition single security features are original like:

    • Edgy assist local which is a trademark accessories
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  8. Start your digital construction journey with manual total stations

    Digital construction has become the standard for the building construction industry as we aim to work better, faster and smarter. But for many construction professionals the move to digital construction can seem challenging. If manual processes have always worked for you, then why do you need to change from using tapes, strings and plumb bobs? Where do you even start? Will digital be too difficult? With Leica Geosystems manual construction total stations, you can continue to do what you do today but in a quicker, more accurate and reliable way. Using software designed specifically for the construction industry, it’s the ideal first step on a digital journey that can give you a full return on investment within only a few projects.

    Why move to digital?

    Simply put, digital processes a

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  9. CPEC in collaboration with Aplitop Solutions

    Achieve maximum efficiency with Leica Geosystems CPE equipment and Aplitop software for a complete solution. Exchange data with a GNSS receiver or data controller and work on your surveying projects, from modeling a plot to housing estates, roads and other infrastructure. It can also be integrated into GIS and OpenBIM workflows.

    TcpMDT, used by thousands of users around the world, is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and modular CAD application that installs as a plug-in to AutoCAD, BricsCAD, GStarCAD, and ZWCAD. You can choose between permanent or annual licenses

    APLITOP is specialized in applications for surveying and civil engineering. Known for its quality and technical support, it designs its products for customer satisfaction

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  10. Meet our Team - Carlos Valle

    Carlos Valle works in the technical and consultative sale of all types of CPEC Barcelona equipment from Leica Geosytems. He has proven business experience in the company, with a particular focus on LaserScanner equipment and “Reality Capture” solutions in the past. His extensive training also allows us to respond to the most difficult queries in measurement equipment and solutions: Graduated in Technical Engineering in Topography and Engineering in Geodesy and Cartography.

    Carlos has worked for Leica Geosystems since 2008, and to his experience in the company must be added 5 more years of commercial work in a company acquired by the Hexagon group. Since 2016 he has been part of the CPEC Barcelona team, responding to the demands of customers and distributors who access the website to purchase certified and quality used equipment.

    Before joining Leica Geosystems he

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