1. Meet our team - Edu Vila

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  2. Leica DISTO Plan: How to connect a Leica DISTO X3/X4 with IOS (iPhone/iPad)

    Leica DISTO: How to connect a Leica DISTO X3/X4 with IOS (iPhone/iPad)


    With the Leica Disto Plan application you can document and visualize all the measurements you make, and in this way you can easily plan the next steps of your project. Sketch Plan: create a drawing to scale Smart Room: plan while you measure Sketch on Photo: determine the dimensions of objects in images

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  3. Meet our Team - Johanna Schnürer



    It is a pleasure to introduce Johanna, our new addition to the CPEC team since April 2023.

    Right now, Johanna is doing an internship until September. She is in charge of receiving new orders and organizing the warehouse to make it more logical. Johanna also helps the warehouse team with her daily tasks.


    Before joining Leica, Johanna had the opportunity to intern at a natural cosmetics brand and a real estate company. These jobs allowed him to gain extensive experience in different business areas.


    Johanna is very interested in learning about SAP, the organization of our company, and the purchasing and shipping process. Therefore, she is very motivated and committed to her work.


    In addition, Johanna is passionate about swimming and enjoys the mountains.

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  4. Meet our Team - Patricio Barreiro


    Meet Patricio, a member of the CPEC operations team! Patricio joined CPEC in February 2023 and since then he has been a key player in the order management process and supporting the warehouse team.

    As the person in charge of entering all orders into the SAP system, his job is crucial to ensure that the equipment leaves the warehouse with the correct documentation and within the established deadlines.

    Before joining CPEC, Patricio used administration and finance, and gained experience at Bosch company, where he was dedicated to providing automotive digital services technical support for 3 years. This valuable experience has allowed him to develop strong skills in operations management and attention to detail, making him an invaluable asset to the CPEC team.


    But not everything is work for Patricio.

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  5. Errors in Total Station Measurements


    Lately I have seen heated discussion on LinkedIn about staking out in construction (typically hold down bolts) with pictures of residuals at 0.000m and sometimes great looking accessories to help with the prism stability. I'd like to share some thoughts on a more fundamental level about measuring to tight tolerances using total stations and maybe in future posts extend into my recommendations for high accuracy staking out and total station calibration in particular.

    The measurement of a total station is typically made up of two components:
    1. The angular measurement
    2. The distance measurement

    The angular measurement, split into two components, the vertical angle and the
    horizontal angle are governed by very fine angle encoders and typically the accuracy is quoted in

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  6. From surveying to monitoring in 3 easy steps

    From surveying to monitoring in 3 easy steps

    Being a surveyor is the best job in the world. The days are never the same, each one brings a new challenge that needs to be resolved, unknown environment to be explored and a heavy responsibility on the shoulders that can only get unloaded with a job well done. Surveyors are also superheroes, often supporting other engineering sciences with little credit. Still, they are the ones who make sure that a bridge being built from both sides meets in the middle, and that a tunnel being bored from each side of the mountain doesn’t result in two tunnels.

    Surveyors may seem fearless, but there is one task that has a “kryptonite” effect on them, at least until they realise that the shiny green stone is, in fact, an emerald: MONITORING! It is often perceived as a “freaky thing no one understands” and there is even a special breed of surveyors called “monitoring specialists”, capable of mo

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  7. Impact of increased ionospheric activity upon high-precision GNSS


    Increased ionospheric activity can have a significant impact on GNSS signal positioning and tracking performance. The ionosphere, which extends from an altitude of approximately 50 km to approximately 1000 km, affects the propagation of GNSS signals, which can result in an ionospheric delay proportional to the total electron content (TEC) along the path of transmission. the signal. In addition, localized irregularities in electron density cause rapid temporal fluctuations in both the amplitude and phase of the GNSS signals, known as ionospheric scintillation. To mitigate the effects of increased ionospheric activity on high-precision GNSS performance, it is recommended to follow certain steps such as using the latest firmware version on all GNSS sensors, using multi-constellation, using multi-frequency GNSS observations and RTK corrections, use the default elevation cut angle of 10 degrees, among others. However, it is important to note that in extreme scintillation scenarios,

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  8. Collaboration with Aplitop

    Barcelona, Spain. September 7, 2022 - CPEC today announced its new partnership with Aplitop.

    This collaboration provides surveyors with reconditioned Leica equipment such as "ZENO20", "BLK360" and "GS08" and Aplitop TcpGPS field surveying software. By combining the accuracy and performance of Leica equipment with TcpGPS, users will have a competitive and cost-effective solution that will undoubtedly enhance their projects. 

    From the Aplitop team, Francisco Navarrete (CEO) says: 


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  9. Meet our Team - Martí Esquivias



    Martí is in charge of operations at CPEC Leica Geosystems.
    He is responsible for checking that the supply chain is not interrupted and that everything works correctly. His function is to carry out quality checks, audits and review points of continuous improvement within the organization.

    He joined the company in 2016 as warehouse manager and as of 2017 he already started as operations and quality manager.

    Martí graduated in psychology specializing in business and then studied a master's degree in human resources management. Once he finished his master's degree, he has never stopped training in foreign trade and logistics and SAP.

    What he likes most about his functions is the management and optimization of processes to improve the business, help the team to develop and identify needs for improvement.

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    The company Leica Geosystems S.L. with address Carrer de Nicaragua, 46, 08029 Barcelona and identified with the number B-61395497 organizes the draw (hereinafter, "the Promotion") at a international level, to be carried out through the Internet , in accordance with the provisions of the participation requirements section.
    The purpose of this draw is to reward the loyalty of the brand's followers and publicize its services among different agents.
    The Promotion will start on July 4, 2022 at 11:59 a.m., and will end on July 18 at 11:59 a.m.
    The participation requirements will be the following:
    Has 18 years of age and not live in Cuba, North Korea, Belarus, Iran, Russia, Síria, Crimea, Venezuela.
    Only those Participants who are holders of a LinkedIn account may participate.
    Participants must comment on

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