1. Meet our Team - Serena Evangelista

    Serena has been the administrator of the CPEC technical service since 2019. She is responsible for managing technical service priorities and ensuring that everything is working properly. Thanks to it, our clients' equipment arrives perfectly revised and ready to use.

    Before joining Leica Geosystems, she went through different industries such as hostelry. Along with her position at Leica, she is studying a distance university degree in psychology.

    On a more personal note, Serena is a lover of nature and adventure, whenever she can try to escape to the forest to recharge her batteries either around Barcelona or traveling outside the country. She lately she also has an interest in boxing and climbing.

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  2. Identifying a genuine original Leica Geosystems accessory

    Surveying accessories are a crucial and integral part of a perfect measurement solution.
    All accessories developed by Leica Geosystems are truly optimized for your measurement equipment unable maximum performance Leica Geosystems supports you in ensuring that you're working with genuine original accessories.

    Original accessories from Leica Geosystems come with unique security codes and guarantee that what you've bought is truly part of our genuine Leica Geosystems solution security level contains different security features for easy recognition single security features are original like:

    • Edgy assist local which is a trademark accessories
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  3. Start your digital construction journey with manual total stations

    Digital construction has become the standard for the building construction industry as we aim to work better, faster and smarter. But for many construction professionals the move to digital construction can seem challenging. If manual processes have always worked for you, then why do you need to change from using tapes, strings and plumb bobs? Where do you even start? Will digital be too difficult? With Leica Geosystems manual construction total stations, you can continue to do what you do today but in a quicker, more accurate and reliable way. Using software designed specifically for the construction industry, it’s the ideal first step on a digital journey that can give you a full return on investment within only a few projects.

    Why move to digital?

    Simply put, digital processes a

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  4. CPEC in collaboration with Aplitop Solutions

    Achieve maximum efficiency with Leica Geosystems CPE equipment and Aplitop software for a complete solution. Exchange data with a GNSS receiver or data controller and work on your surveying projects, from modeling a plot to housing estates, roads and other infrastructure. It can also be integrated into GIS and OpenBIM workflows.

    TcpMDT, used by thousands of users around the world, is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and modular CAD application that installs as a plug-in to AutoCAD, BricsCAD, GStarCAD, and ZWCAD. You can choose between permanent or annual licenses

    APLITOP is specialized in applications for surveying and civil engineering. Known for its quality and technical support, it designs its products for customer satisfaction

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  5. Meet our Team - Carlos Valle

    Carlos Valle works in the technical and consultative sale of all types of CPEC Barcelona equipment from Leica Geosytems. He has proven business experience in the company, with a particular focus on LaserScanner equipment and “Reality Capture” solutions in the past. His extensive training also allows us to respond to the most difficult queries in measurement equipment and solutions: Graduated in Technical Engineering in Topography and Engineering in Geodesy and Cartography.

    Carlos has worked for Leica Geosystems since 2008, and to his experience in the company must be added 5 more years of commercial work in a company acquired by the Hexagon group. Since 2016 he has been part of the CPEC Barcelona team, responding to the demands of customers and distributors who access the website to purchase certified and quality used equipment.

    Before joining Leica Geosystems he

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  6. LOC8 technology

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  7. Using technology to enhance workflow fundamentals



    Using technology to enhance workflow fundamentals


    The construction industry has been ripe for a significant technology shift for quite some time. Although it has been widely cited that construction is one of the least digitized industries, perhaps more alarming is the lack of clear technology direction that most contractors experience. Many firms struggle with the plethora of digital options as well as finding a viable solution for organizing

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  8. Leica Geosystems Machinery Accessories

    The CPE not only offers a great selection of the most common used surveying equipment but also machinery accessories to complete your second-hand surveying equipment. These accessories will help you to reduce downtime and maximise efficiency during onsite tasks.

    You can buy one item or along with another used surveying equipment kit available on our website.


    The CPE suggests the following combinations depending on the product:

    • We offer GFU17 and GFU24 housing with Siemens MC75 GSM/GPRS Module (Quad-Band GSM 850/900/1800/ 1900 MHz), fits on side of GX1200 Receiver or GHT56 for the SmartRover.
    • SLG1 provides full flexibility to Leica GS15 due to 5-band technology, supports all GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS
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  9. Why choosing used surveying equipment?

    According to recent studies, the second-hand industry had in 2019 $20bn in revenue in the US and £3bn in the UK.

    It is clear that the acquisition of used products is a rising trend, but what advantages does offer buying reconditioned surveying equipment?

    • Cost-effective products. Without a doubt, it is the most remarkable benefit of this type of operations. It allows you to save and obtain the same results than a new surveying instrument.
    • If you have not work with a surveying kit, the surveyor can start with a preowned one to experiment and learn. Once the customer knows how it works, he or she can recognize which are his/her needs and the accuracy required to perform the tasks and opt for a newer if obligated.
    • Latest technology may not be necessary. Depending on the project, choosing reconditioned equipment is the better option in order to achieve the best execution.
    • While reusing
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  10. How to choose the used total station you need

    How to choose the used station you need?

    In our latest blog post we defined what is a total station and the different tasks that can be performed with them. Now we want to explain which factors should be considered when you want to buy a total station.

    What do you need to know before buying a used total station?

    Before making any decision, we recommend you to think about the aspects that may condition the purchase of one instrument or another:

    • Type of project or task: what are you going to use your used topographic instrument for? Are you clear about the precision you need? Do you know what type of software you need?

    After, will you always perform the same tasks or do your projects vary? Could you predict the equipment’s useful life and know when it will be amortized?

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